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Top 5 Astounding Forts to Visit in Goa
  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 24 2019


By Rohit Agarwal
 Goa, the sate comprising of some of the most extraordinary sea beaches in India, is a land of paradise. With the salty air, all around and the mouth-watering Goan fish curry, Goa itself allures every tourist to set foot on its bosom. However, apart from walking down the romantic sea beaches, Goa also has an extraordinary collection of fortification to offer which date back to the Portuguese colonization in that region. The awe aspiring forts in Goa had been constructed in such an equipped and scientific manner that they draw the attention of every visitor who passes by them. Thus, a visit to Goa is simply incomplete if these top 5 astounding forts are not set foot upon.
1. Fort Aguada, Sinquerim
The Fort Aguada was constructed by the Portuguese in the 17th century to help in the defense purposes. However, fortifying the area was not the primary intention as this fort served as an abode to the waiting ships. Inside the fort, there are three natural springs that used to provide freshwater to the ships that used to lay by on the lower part of the fort that was actually constructed as a dock. Because of the natural supply of fresh water, this fort came to be one of the oldest and the largest fresh water reserve in Asia. To aid in the defense purposes, this fort also has the oldest lighthouse built in Asia. Hence, to enjoy the beauty of this majestic fort at the mouth of River Mandovi, a visit to this fort is a must.
2. Corjuem Fort, Aldona
The Corjuem Fort is the smallest fort in Goa and is of the Maratha origin. After being captured by the Portuguese, this unique fort on the river island across River Mapusa was given a refine touch of the Portuguese culture and art. As it is located on a hill top, it had served as an excellent defense point. Thus, because of its height too, this fort is one of the most peaceful places in Goa which offers a panoramic scenic beauty of the rustic Goan villages around and the Arabian Sea far away meeting the sky at the distant horizon. This fort is also loved by tourists because of the legendary tale associated with it, and, if you wish to know what lay hidden by the security system at the fort, you should try to visit the fort yourself to indulge in a magical story of the past.
3. Chapora Fort, Chapora
The Chapora Fort is one of the most famous forts in the Goa. This is perhaps the only fort in Goa which had changed hands innumerable times as per history. Because of its prime location, surrounded by steep slopes on all sides, this fort was the best defense base for any ruler who had prevailed as its master. The old fort however was demolished by the Portuguese who built a much stronger fort at the same site after dethroning every rival. In the modern times, most of the constructions in the interior part of the fort are in ruins. However, the main gate and the fortified outer walls still stand as the guardian angel surrounded the bed of ruins. 
4. Anjdiv Fort, Anjediva Island
The Anjdiv Fort is situated on the Anjediva Island which is the largest of the five islands comprising the Panchdiva archipelago. Its strategic location had made it one of the most significant fortifications, but, this fort now lies in ruins. However, the famous Church of Our Lady of Springs still stands protecting the rustic people residing on the archipelago and attracts tourists from all over the world.
5. Mormugao Fort, Mormugao
The Mormugao Fort is considered to be the most important coastal fort in India. This fort has got a huge expanse and was equipped with a strong military force at all times. The main purpose of this fort was to protect the Mormugao Harbor, which is internationally acclaimed, against the evasion from the enemies who tried to break down the trade and commerce ongoing at the harbor to weaken the Portuguese stronghold in India. Thus, this strategic fort should be visited by every traveler.
Thus, even though the sea beaches in Goa are very alluring, the strong fortifications that aided the sea beaches to retain their beauty should not be ignored. The travelers must pay a visit to the forts to understand the political and the historical scenario of Goa.
A visit to the majestic forts, the magnificent churches and the breath-taking sea beaches together would make the trip to Goa a memorable and a successful one.
If you are also planning a Goa trip with your friends, make your itinerary accordingly.
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