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UK aid commits £85m over 4.5 years to support of Government of Nepal's Health Sector

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 14 2016
Kathmandu, Nepal: The Government of Nepal (GoN) and the UK Department for International  Development (DFID) have agreed a new £85 million programme to support the implementation of the GoN’s National Health Sector Strategy (NHSS). 
UK aid support to the health sector will help improve the health of women, children, the poor and the marginalised in Nepal. Support will include restoring health services in areas affected by the 2015 earthquake, building on similar support offered post-earthquake, and improving the quality and governance of health services nationwide. 
The UK will provide £85 million over 4.5 years (Jul 2016 to Dec 2020) to  support the delivery of the GoN's Nepal Health Sector Strategy 2015-2020. £57 million will be Financial Aid to the Department of Health and £28 million will be technical assistance. Of the £85 million, £20 million will support the retrofitting and rehabilitation of hospitals in earthquake-affected and at-risk areas. 
DFID Nepal's strategy of combining financial aid and evidenced-based policy dialogue, with strong technical support on a focussed set of health and governance issues has been instrumental in supporting the GoN to deliver impressive improvements in health outcomes, particularly among women and children. 
Gail Marzetti, Head of DFID Nepal said: 'Health is an area of success in Nepal. The Ministry of Health has made huge gains especially in child and maternal mortality and we are proud to have been supporting the Ministry for the last 17 years as it did this.' 
Investing in health contributes to a reduction in poverty and ensures that people are better able to benefit from economic growth. Which is why DFID Nepal wants to build on its successful partnership with the Government of Nepal, and in particular the Ministry of Health, to help improve the quality andgovernance of health services and ensure that improved health is accessible to all.