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Actor Bhuvan KC Demands Fair Investigation Over Abuse allegation
  Kathmandu, Nepal      July 08 2020


Kathmandu, Nepal, July 8, 2020: Veteran Nepali actor and producer Bhuvan KC has dragged into controversies after actress Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah blamed him of abusing while shooting in the film 'Dreams’ about five years ago.  Actress Shah had posted a video on Instagram a few days ago claiming that she was abused by big banner filmmakers about five years ago pointing finger to actor KC. 

Objecting the blame labeled against to him, KC has filed a complaint at Nepal Film Artists Association (NFAA) demanding investigation of the allegation labeled against him of abusing actress Shah. KC has made a request for necessary investigation claiming that actress Shah has tried to assassinate his character by making various false allegations.

Following the video uploaded at the Instagram account of actress Shah, KC had also objected the blame labeled against to him through his facebook account. However, actress Shah had taken a stand by posting another video claiming that she was abused.

Actress Shah was not abused in the movie 'Dreams' which was made five-six years ago and can be verified by asking with other members of the film's team, KC has mentioned in the complaint filed in the NFAA.