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Singer Samiksha Vents Anger for Negative Comments
  Kathmandu, Nepal      January 10 2023

 Kathmandu, Nepal, January 09, 2022: The singer Samiksha Adhikari has vented her anger for negative comments against her.  Posting in social media, singer Adhikari has said that that no one has the right to abuse others through hateful comments. 

“I don’t want listen any abusive language anymore,” she has stated in the post adding as “if someone doesn't want to listen to my song, they are free to do so.”  Terming the commenter as inferior, she has stated as those who interrupts others are inferior.

“These are not trees, they are not fruits and flowers, they are leaves, they fall and become creepers and fly wherever the wind blows', she writes adding further as, 'There are many such creepers here that cut other people's words, She has stated. 

Referring to a saying of a great scholar that there are three types of people-one high level people who talks about ideas and principles but not about people, middle level people talk about events and lower level people talks about the person who interrupts others- she has also compared the negative commenter as lower level people.