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'The Everest Man' Best Film Award In Bastau Film Festival
  Kathmandu, Nepal      December 05 2022

Kathmandu, Nepal, December 5, 2022: The Everest Man, a Nepali movie that depicts the adventure of the legendary mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa, has won the best film award in Bastau Film Festival held in Kazhakstan. 

The adventure film was produced describing Kami Rita Sherpa's most challenging attempt to conquer the Mount Everest. Binod Adhikari, director of the film, received the award. 

Accepting the award, director Adhikari has thanked the judges for recognizing the film with best film award. “The entire team of the documentary is truly honored,” Adhikari has stated adding “Nepal is grateful for this award.”

Though Kami Rita Sherpa's challenges were particularly highlighted in the documentary, all the mountaineering aspect including the preparation, conflict and thoughts that went into the climbing process are included in the film. 

Director Adhikari has expressed his belief that the film would help to mitigate effects of climate change that has gravely affected the mountaineering community and the environment as a whole.