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The FDB To Hold Short Film Competition
  Kathmandu, Nepal      April 04 2023

Kathmandu, Nepal, March 3, 2023: The Film Development Board (FDB) is going to organize a short film competition with the aim to protect and promote original, realistic, message, cultural, historical, creative, artistic, social transformation and awakening, awareness, gender violence, caste discrimination, mistreatment, national self-esteem, national identity and art culture.

The board has already issued a public notice announcing a call for the competition. According to the FDB, application has to be submitted by April 23 to participate in the competition at the office of the FDB or via email at

The FDB has stated that only the short films that were shot at least 50 percent in Nepal incorporating at least 50 percent Nepalese film crew members and films which have obtained a production license from the FDB can apply in the competition. 

Likewise, only films produced within the last three years from the date of publication of the notice will be allowed to participate in the competition, the FDB has stated in the notice.

The best three films will receive Rs 150,000, Rs 1 lakh and Rs 75,000 cash as first, second and third respectively. Despite the cash prize, the FDB will promote the short films selected in the competition in the national and international markets through its own channels.