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Birth of a Nation for GPC screening
  Kathmandu, Nepal      January 02 2020
Guwahati: A classic in the history of world cinema ‘The Birth of a Nation’ will be screened at Guwahati Press Club tomorrow (Friday, 3 January 2020) by 4 pm. Produced by DW Griffith & Harry Aitken and directed by Griffith, the silent era movie is based on the novel and play The Clansman by Thomas Dixon Jr. The 1915 made black & white film has cinematography by Billy Bitzer, music by Joseph Carl Breil and its casts include Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Henry B Walthall, Miriam Cooper, Ralph Lewis, George Siegmann, Walter Long, etc.
 Recognized as a landmark in the film history, the movie pioneered close-ups, fade-outs, and a carefully staged battle sequence with hundreds of extras (another first) made to look like thousands. It was a huge commercial success and the movie remains inspirational to millions of film-appreciators around the world.