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BJP using NRC and CAB as political instrument to divide and polarize society : Jairam Ramesh
  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 06 2019
PM Modi references Gandhiji's talisman, but he forgets Gandhi in home
Guwahati : Senior Congress leader and former Union minister Jairam Ramesh accused the Modi government and the BJP party of using the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) as political instrument to divide and polarize society.
In Guwahati, Jairam Ramesh on Wednesday said that, they (BJP) used both NRC and CAB as an instrument for polarizing society on religious lines.
 "What they are doing it goes against very bases of our constitution. The NRC in Assam is a historical legacy. But when Amit Shah talks about NRC in Bengal, Jharkhand, Delhi or in Karnataka, he is using it as a political instrument to divide and polarize society. We shall being reporting to the Congress president after various discussions in the North Eastern states and the Congress party will take a position on these issues in parliament. The Congress party's position will be a position that is consisting with the constitution of India, but not violate the constitution of India," Jairam Ramesh said.
The former Union minister said that – "On November 26, Modi is celebrating 78th anniversary of the drafting of the constitution. This is an insult to Dr Ambedkar. That we are celebrating the 78th anniversary of the adoption of the constitution, you are bringing a bill that is undermining, undercutting to encroach of the constitution, article 14, article 21. They can be no greater insult to Dr Ambedkar."
The senior Congress leader also said that, Prime Minister Modi said in Bangkok that, because of Gandhiji's talisman, he didn't vote India to join RCEP, but he forgets Gandhi in home.
"Mr Modi goes to Bangkok and remembers Gandhiji and says because of Gandhiji's talisman, I didn't vote India to join RCEP, However, he forgets Gandhji in the home and uses the rhetoric of NRC to divide Indian society, to polarize Indian society, something Gandhi never accept it," Jairam Ramesh said.
Jairam Ramesh further said that, Congress party is opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.
(By Hemanta Kumar Nath, Guwahati)