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Handcuffed man escapes police custody, later police manages to catch him

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      July 11 2019

Guwahati, July 11 : In a shocking incident, a handcuffed man had escaped police custody, while he was taken by police to produce him before a court in Assam's Biswanath district on Thursday.

Later, police had managed to catch the handcuffed man after chasing him.

The incident took place at the campus of the Biswanath district Judicial Megistrate Court.

According to the reports, the Biswanath district police had taken a prisoner named Sahjahan from the district jail to produce him before the court.

When the police van reached at the court campus, the prisoner jumped from the van and run away.

"When I saw that, a man run away by jumping the wall, I immediately trying to stop him, but failed. Later, I knew that, the man was a prisoner," an eyewitness said.

Later, police caught the handcuffed man by chasing him.

(By Hemanta Kumar Nath, Guwahati)