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COVAX to Provide 1.5 Million Covid-19 Vivalent doses
  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 22 2022

Kathmandu, Nepal, November 22, 2022: The international vaccine-sharing scheme backed by the United Nations is providing 1.5 million doses of bivalent Covid-19 vaccine to Nepal from the COVAX facility.  The officials at the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) have confirmed that Nepal is receiving the COVID-19 vaccine soon. 

It is said that the funding for the vaccine was made the French government to the COVAX facility.  The vaccines offered first from the French government is being received from the COVAX facilities, an official at the MoHP said.   

According to the MoHP, to be received bivalent Covid-19 vaccine includes a component of the original virus strain and can provide broad protection against Covid-19 including the infection caused by the Omicron variant. The vaccine is called bivalent Covid-19 vaccine as it contains two components and preferred as of the vaccine booster dose, the MoHP official said.

It is said that the government would resume Covid-19 booster shots to the elderly and needy people.  Nepal’s plan to start the second Covid-19 booster shots remains halted for a long time after no vaccines were provided under the COVAX facility.