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Dr. Banskota honoured with 'World of Children Alumni Award 2016'

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      May 18 2016
Prof. Dr Ashok Banskota

Prof. Dr Ashok Banskota


KATHMANDU, May 18: Prof. Dr Ashok Banskota of B&B Hospital has been honoured with 'World of Children Alumni Award 2016'. The award carries a purse of Rs 3.9 million.
The World of Children Inc, an American organization, awarded Dr Banskota for his significant contribution to the treatment of children with disabilities and their rehabilitation in society for the past 31 years.
At a program organized here on Wednesday, Dr Banskota, who has been treating children with disabilities by establishing Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (HRDC), also known as Friends of Disabled (FoD) at Adhikari Gaon of Janagal of Kavre, said that the award has encouraged him for further contribution in the society.
The HRDC is the only program of the FoD with the vision to "create a society in which individuals (especially children) with disabilities and their guardians live as equal citizens with optimum quality of life, independence and participation." It started serving children with physical disabilities by 'enabling their abilities' so that the children can assert their rights for mobility and functional independence.
On the occasion, the information was shared that the HRDC has so far rehabilitated 67,617 disabled people in society and treated 20,000 children, who were injured in the April 25 earthquake and suffering from problems related to orthopedic in one year period.
Similarly, 45,200 people benefitted from health camps run at different quake-hit areas under the leadership of Dr Banskota. RSS