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Finally, government agrees to fulfill Dr. KC’s demands
  Kathmandu, Nepal      July 27 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal: Finally, the government has agreed to implement the demands raised by senior orthopedic doctor Govinda KC to reform the medical education of the country.

With the agreement to fulfill his almost all demands, Dr. KC has ended his 15th hunger strike on 27th day on Thursday night. A nine point agreement was signed between the government and the agitating side to end his 15th hunger strike.

Though the government had present with adamant stands earlier, it has agreed to fulfill all his almost all demands including a 10-year moratorium on establishing of new medical college in Kathmandu Valley. The issue had remained the major bone of contention in the talks between the two sides. 

Following the agreement, Deputy parliamentary party leader of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Subas Nembang and Prof Kedar Bhakta Mathema jointly offered Dr. KC juice to break his hunger strike at 10:35 pm Thursday night. 

As per the agreements, no private college will be established in Kathmandu Valley for ten years. However, those who have already received the Letters of Intent (LoI) for establishing medical college in the Valley can sell their property to the government or can shift to priority areas outside the Valley.

With the agreement, the much more hyped proposed Manmohan medical college will have to wait 10 years from the beginning from the National Medical Education act come into implementation to bring into operation. Some leaders of the government head NCP have made invested in the medical college.  

However, option to sell the property to the government or to shift it out of the Kathmandu valley is provided to the already IoL received medical colleges including the Manmohan medical college. 

As per the agreement, the National Medical Education Bill, which is already in parliament, will be amended. 

Likewise, other agreements include forming a taskforce to run MBBS and other bachelor’s level medicine courses at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences and to fix criteria for the appointment of the office bearers at universities and various government-run academies.