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TUTH Director resigns from the post
  Kathmandu, Nepal      July 20 2018

Deepak Prakash Mahara, Executive Director, TUTH


Kathmandu, Nepal: Director of TU Teaching Hospital Professor (TUTH) Professor Doctor Dipak Prakash Mahara has resigned from his post on Friday.

Dr. Mahara’s resignation is taken meaningfully as he has resigned in the midst of the hunger strike of senior orthopedic doctor Govinda KC demanding reform in the medical education even though he has said that he resigned from his post due to family reasons.

Issuing a press release to inform about his resignation, he has not only announced his resignation but also urged all not to take his resignation connecting with Dr KC’s hunger strike.

Following the resignation of Dr. Mahara, a panel is formed under the chairmanship of Dean Jagadish Agrawal to elect a new Director.