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Involvement in Media Sector: Challenges and opportunities: Sangita

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 15 2017
Ms. Sangita Panta Thapa

Ms. Sangita Panta Thapa

Ms. Sangita Panta Thapa is a noted name in the field of television media, who has worked in journalism from completely lengthy time and she is stressing to bring out as well as inspire and encourage of all the human beings with hidden adroitness in our society, making television her mediator. 
Every week via her weekly programs, she had been raising her voice for children, women and elderly people for their rights, authority and currently she is engaged in weekly youth programs and weekly agricultural programs, production and presentation. 
Let’s have some short conversation with Senior Program Producer of Nepal Television Ms. Sangita Panta Thapa-:
 When did you start working in the communication sector?
The results of Diploma had just been posted, when I got here to know about the diverse training program being furnished by Nepal Television. As soon as I finished two months training of conducting programs, NTV gave me an opportunity to run the program and since then, I have continuously been involved/ active intelevision journalism. 
How were you inspired to be in the media?
After SLC, while I was studying I. Com&B. Com, I also worked as an accountant. My father also used to work in Nepal Television. He acted as a motivation and watching the television, a desire to work in this line rose, then I accomplished it with the help of proper trainings. 
What do you do other than Television?
I get engaged with numerous social associations, however being the permanent employee of Nepal Television, I spend most of the time working here. 
How are you managing time for both house and office?
It is very tough for women to prepare a schedule for double roles. Despite the fact that, I need to visit numerous locations in order to compile the information but it is really an interesting job. My households, office and lifestyles are going smoothly as my family is very cooperative and positive.
What are the obligations faced by the women in this sector?
For a woman, to work is challenging in every sector. The predominant threats for woman are like disobeying the legal guidelines written in the favor of the women, involving very few women in high level, underestimating their power to uplift the country and so on. However, the converting time has added nice adjustments on how the women are viewed.  Cherishing these things and giving continuity to their work is an enormous objection as well as an opportunity for women.
Is it difficult to survive being in this sector?
Obviously, it is difficult. However, media employees operating in the private sector faces extra headaches as to some extent it is compulsion for them to anticipate months and months before broadcasting the news through their sector. Comparatively, I consider Government Sector is easier than Private Sector.
What are your suggestions for the women who want to make media as their career?
It is stated that, there is no criteria for ability and opportunity, media is a sector in which many proficient women get an opportunity to increase their ability. These days, many youngsters show interest within the discipline of journalism and women’s involvement is highly appreciated. We are being able to see increments in brave, fearless and talented women due to wherein it has made its vicinity today. Summing up, media is the pleasant and satisfactory domain along with the reputation for someone who wish to and someone who can flawlessly present themselves. So, media is considered the right path for the women who have conquered half the sky.