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All Eyes On High Profile Rape Case Of Mahara
  Kathmandu, Nepal      October 08 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal, October 10, 2019: All eyes are now concentrated on what investigation would be conducted on the high-profile rape case surrounding to immediate past Speaker and senior leader of the ruling head Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Krishna Bahadur Mahara. 
As the government and the ruling head Nepal Communist Party (NCP) yet to take a concrete position though the Nepal police have arrested him pursuing a criminal case filed by the victims, it is being suspected that attempts would be made to give a clean chit to the rape accused Mahara.   
As the victim, Roshani Shahi had given a contradictory statements in a short span and denied to file the First Information Report (FIR), it was widely suspected that the government, its head NCP and the Nepal police would have hell-bent to dilute the investigation process. Clearing the rumor, the victim has filed the FRI against of Mahara, thanks for the widespread pressure for the prompt investigation. 
The arrest of Mahara on Sunday evening has indicated that the police would reach on the conclusion to file a case of violence against woman as sufficient proves involved to the incident have already been reported. However, the government and its head NCP’s support is must to conduct a fair investigation.    
As various right organizations in Nepal and the international communities have already expressed their serious concerns over the high profile rape case demanding a fair investigation, we do only hope that the government and its head NCP would not dare to influence the investigation process.  
Various 17 women’s and human rights organizations have already cautioned the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the National Women’s Commission (NWC) to immediately investigate the rape case surrounding Mahara and reveal the truth as soon as possible. 
Issuing a joint statement, these women’s and human rights organizations have also demanded that the contradictory statements given by the victim in a short span should be made a matter of investigation.
The victim might have changed her statement under pressure or fearing her own and her family’s safety as the person involved in this case is a high-profile political figure, and all the concerned bodies should treat Mahara as a civilian in this case as everyone is equal in the eyes of law, reads the statement. 
It is suspected that the victim would have crushed for self-esteem as her husband has also ended 28 year long marriage rather supporting her to get the justice. Different media reports have also revealed that the victim’s husband has been landing support the rape accused Mahara but not her own wife, Roshani Sahi.   
Various international community like United Nations, Australia and five European countries have also expressed their distress about the reported impunity for perpetrators of sexual violence and violence against women. 
Issuing a joint statement, they have also urged the government to ensure access to justice for victims, stand for the victims’ rights and send a zero-tolerance message to combat gender-based violence though the statement does not refer to the scandal surrounding Mahara.
‘While certain cases may still be under investigation, we remind the government about its obligations under the international law to ensure access to justice for victims, stand for the victims’ rights and send a zero-tolerance message to combat gender-based violence’ reads the statement.
Responding to the widespread concerns, the NHRC has also formed a team to monitor investigations into the alleged rape charge against Mahara though the investigations of NHRC would not sufficient to take action against him.
As Nepal is a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council and expressed commitments to uphold human rights in several international treaties and conventions, the case should be handled realizing to the duties and responsibility of the government to safeguard the image of the nation and to deliver justice to the victim rather than a saving a leader involved in case related to the rape.