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Bir Hospital Denies Allegations Over Rumors of Ram Lakhan Jaiswal’s Dead Body

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 23 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal, September 23, 2020: Bir hospital has denied the accusations of medical misconduct on Ram Lakhan Jaiswal’s body claiming that the rumors over the issue are absolutely false.

Issuing a statement on Wednesday, the Bir hospital has also urged one and all not to treat the hospital with contempt based on such allegations. 

The hospital has made a claim that dead body of Ram Lakhan would have reacted as claimed by the family member due to the reason that it is not refrigerated and kept without using chemical. 

As it had been more than three days since his body was kept in the morgue sans chemicals and refrigerator, the body had already started to decay; the hospital has stated adding that a dead body often reacts this way as claimed by the family members and shown in various YouTube channels.

Jaiswal’s family members including her daughter had been accusing the hospital of taking out his eyes and performed illegal organ procurement even cutting off his throat. The allegations with the video footage had got viral in different social media.  

It is said that deceased Jaiswal, 63, was brought to the emergency ward of the hospital on Saturday evening from the Central Jail but he was already dead. Swab tests had established that he was coronavirus positive.