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Border Dispute With India Reflects In A Form Of Banning Import Of Palm Oil And Tea From Nepal!
  Kathmandu, Nepal      May 26 2020


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Kathmandu, Nepal, May 26, 2020: The border disputes between Nepal and India are being reflected by the latter by stopping import of refined palm oil and tea from Nepal. 

Though the India had lowered importing of refined palm oil and tea even before Nepal's objection to the road inauguration by Indian government through Lipu Lekh Pass on May 6, it has now completely stopped importing without citing any obvious reason.  

Considering to the situation, the government of Nepal has already expressed its concerns over the issue of stopping import from Nepal with the Indian authorities, nothing is responded yet, said an official at the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies. 

The official has revealed preferring anonymity that two separate letters have already sent to the Indian government agencies concerned through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking to allow Nepali traders to export tea and refined palm oil in the Indian market. 

India has repeatedly been creating hassles on the import of Nepalese goods, particularly the palm oil and tea as these two products are considered as major export items to India from Nepal. 

Indian authorities used to suspend the import of palm oil and tea from Nepal under the pretext of checking imports to protect the Indian industries. Nepal exported tea worth Rs 630 million to India last year.