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‘Can PM Oli Govern The Nation?’
  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 05 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal, November 05, 2019: The deteriorating health condition of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s health has remained the biggest political and medical concern not only within the government and its head Nepal Communist Party (NCP) but also in the whole spectrum of politics. 
As Prime Minister Oli undergone urethral dilation for three times since last Wednesday due to difficulties in passing urine and doctors involved in his treatment have given alternative of either to conduct dilation at least two times in week or to transplant another kidney, the widely raised question of now is that how can the ailing Prime Minister Oli govern the nation?
Though there has been much speculation and conjecture about Prime Minister Oli’s health condition, however, neither the government nor the ruling head NCP has yet to take decision regarding the leadership of the government and party as well. 
As deteriorating health status of any high ranking public office holders like Prime Minister would not fall under the privacy but becomes a matter of public interests, pressures are exerted to the ruling head NCP not to remain tight-lipped regarding condition of Prime Minister Oli. 
Considering to the deteriorating health condition, not only the doctors but also the commoners have begun to raise question over fitness of Oli to govern.  Doctors have advised Oli to refrain from frequent interactions and public functions to avoid the risk of infection. 
However, the Prime Minister Oli himself and his loyalties are staying firm with the stand that there is no reason he should step down from his power and position at the moment. Though Oli’s health has always been a cause for concern, but in recent months, there are fears that things might be getting serious. 
Prime Minister Oli has been operating with one transplanted kidney ever since both his kidneys failed about 12 years ago. According to doctors, transplanted kidneys are always at risk of rejection by the host’s antibodies at any time.
Prime Minister Oli had left for Singapore again to undergo plasmapheresis. Plasmapheresis is a process that filters the blood and removes antibodies.