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Cyber Heist To Steal Money: Questions On Banking Security System
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 03 2019


Kathmandu, Nepal, September 3, 2019: Though the Nepal Police have become success to arrest the five Chinese national, a French national of Chinese origin and three Nepalese in connection with the country’s biggest cyber heist in the banking sector to steal millions of rupees from ATMs, the questions have raised over the fate of banking security and money deposited by the commoners.

With the latest arrest of four persons-one foreigners and three Nepalese nationals, it is revealed that international racket would have involved in the cyber heist and stealing of money. The arrest of Xu Luc Li, 36, from Tribhuvan International Airport on Sunday night has revealed that the mastermind of cyber attack and stealing of money would have operating his ring by staying in the foreign land. 

Likewise, involvement of Nepali nationals for changing money is also raised a suspicion of possible linkage of Nepalese with the international gang.  Police have arrested three Nepali nationals- operator of Dexo Money Changer Bednath Lamichhane, operator and manager of Nepalaya Money Changer Roshan Pradhan Shrestha and Rewati Dawadi respectively on the charge of exchanging the stolen money.    

It is said that the operators of money exchange services had handed over  $25,862  to Xu on Saturday night, after the heist, in exchange for Rs 3 million of the looted money. The Police have recovered this amount from Xu. Likewise, Police have also confiscated foreign currency- $9,108, 1,191 Chinese RMB, 250 Euros and 80 Hong Kong dollars- from the five persons arrested earlier.

Acting on a tip-off, a team of police personnel from Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu arrested Chinese nationals- Lin Jianmeng, Luo Jialei, Zhu Liangang Qiu Yunqing and Chen Bin Bin on Saturday. Zhu Liangang was arrested red-handed when he was withdrawing money from an ATM booth of Nabil Bank at Durbar Marg in Kathmandu. With the arrest of Xu, it is revealed that six out of eight Chinese nationals were directly involved in the heist. 

Meanwhile, Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu has expressed its serious concerns over the recent arrest of a gang of Chinese nationals for their alleged involvement in ATM hacking in various banks. Feng Shaolin, the first secretary at the embassy, has also urged the police to carry out a fair investigation stating that the gang has defamed home country China by reaching out to the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu.