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Foreign Minister Gyawali Denies Border Dispute Between Nepal and China
  Kathmandu, Nepal      June 30 2020

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Kathmandu, Nepal, June 30, 2020: Foreign Affairs Minister Pradeep Gyawali has reiterated that there is no border dispute between Nepal and China. Taking special time at a meeting of the National Assembly (NA) on Monday, Foreign Affairs Minister Gyawali said so even blaming the media of disseminated 'fake news' for mentioning about China's encroachment on Nepal's territory.

Though pillar 37 and 38 were never erected between Nepal and China as the terrain of the place was very difficult, there is no border dispute with China, he said.  According to him, 60 households of the residents of Rui village and 40 in Samagaun had become part of China when the border was marked and pillars erected in 1962 as per their wish, he said.

During his address he also said that border issues with the neighboring countries would not affect other dynamics of bilateral relationship. 

The government is concerned about multifaceted relations with India and one particular issue that revolves around the boundary dispute should not impact the overall status of Nepal’s relations with India, he said during his address.