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Former King’s Statement Brings Jolts in Nepali Politics
  Kathmandu, Nepal      January 12 2021

Kathmandu, Nepal, January 12, 2020: Former King Gyanendra Shah’s statement issued on the occasion of the 299th birth anniversary of King Prithivi Narayan Shah has created a big sensation in the country. 

As former King Shah stated that it was already late to analyze whether the current national politics is honest, nation-centered and pro-people, the statement is taken importantly in the country, particularly in the political sector. 

Following the statement of former King Shah, the pro-monarchy forces that have been demanding reinstate of the dissolved monarchy system and Hindu state seem elated in recent days. Likewise, the political forces that have brought the recent change seem suspicious over the statement of former King Shah. 

Coincidently, pro-monarchy supporters and cadres of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) paraded playing traditional musical instruments and wearing traditional dress demanding monarchy system while marking the Prithivi Jayanti in Kathmandu on Monday. 

Singha Durbar area remained tense after clashes broke out between security forces and supporters of monarchy who had in thousands moved towards the main entrance of the Singh Durbar to pay homage to late king King Prithivi Narayan Shah. 

The statement of former King Shah issued raising question marks over the recent political situation of the country Shah has elated the forces that have been demanding to reinstate the pro-monarchy system.  In recent months, the pro-monarchy forces have been intensifying their activities in different parts of the country including in Kathmandu valley.

Echoing the voice of the pro-monarch forces, former King Shah has also raised question marks over the recent fragile political situation of the country. In the statement, former King Shah has stated that time has come to evaluate how honest and pro-people the politics being practiced in the country.

‘It is our biggest worry that how the country can be kept safe in the current situation, states the statement ‘untoward incidents are taking place in the country and the country’s history, civilization, religion, culture and national unity are being sabotaged in the name of change as per the will of foreign forces.