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Grade XII exams begins today
  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 24 2020

Kathmandu, November 24, 2020 The examination of Grade XII begins today (Tuesday) amidst the spreading threat of coronavirus (COVID-19). National Examinations Board (NEB) has said that regular examination will be held until December 1.

As the examination was halted for a long due to the COVID-19 threat, the fate of around 450,000 students of Grade XII had also been hanging in the.  The examination scheduled from April 20 was deferred for an indefinite period after government imposed nationwide lockdown to control the spreading threat of the virus. 

The NEB has set a new protocol for the examination adopting the safety measures not to spread the coronavirus . As per the new protocol, students are allowed to sit for the exam at their own schools and the exam hour has also been reduced to 1.5 hours from three hours. 

Likewise, students are allowed to take the exam just for 40 per cent marks.  Out of the remaining 60 per cent marks, the NEB will provide 40 per cent on the basis of the marks obtained by students in Grade XI while schools are allowed to provide the remaining 20 per cent marks on the basis of internal evaluation of students.