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Growing Intolerance Likely To Jeopardize Democracy
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 16 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal, September 17, 2019: The government and its head Nepal Communist Party (NCP) have now alleged of becoming increasingly intolerant of dissent, thanks to the arrogance of comfortable majority in the parliament. 
Concerning over the recent statements, act and activities of the government and its head NCP, critics have casted a doubt that confrontation would likely in the country for attempting to curtail the democratic values, norms and civic liberties.   
The government and its head NCP, which have been grabbing headlines for its activities of curbing civil liberties since it took the reins at Singha Durbar in February last year, have now intensified activities against of the dissent in a formal and institutional manner. 
The recent one statement of NCP Co-Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, directives of the Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara to the Parliamentary Committees and decision to deploy the entire state apparatus and its party machinery to threaten an activist who confronted Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai for causing a flight delay would be taken as of the instances.
Echoing the statement of NCP Co- Chairperson and Prime Minister KP Shrma Oli, another Co- Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal instructed all the youth and students of his party to stand against anti-federal and anti-democratic republic elements claiming that they attempted to reinstate obsolete autocratic and unitary system.
Dahal made the statement on Monday while speaking at a program organized by the party to mark the fifth memorial day of then CPN Maoist leader Posta Bahadur Bogati. 
Hinting to the incident related to Minister Bhattrai, he said that the anarchic elements have made their utmost efforts to squeeze the throat of federal democratic republicanism. ‘I urged one and all including his party's rank and files to work together to materialize the dream of achieving socialism in the country, Dahal said. 
Following the statement of Dahal different district chapter of the Party’s youth wing-Rastriya Yuwa Sangh Nepal had issued statement declaring that Gyanendra Shahi, the person who led an altercation with Minister Bhattarai in Nepalgunj for delaying the flight, has been banned from entering the district. 
Earlier, on Sunday, a group of NCP loyal cadres had thrashed Shahi during the press meet organized to make clear the incident occurred in Nepalgunj. Minister Bhattarai was greeted by an irate fellow passenger alleging him of causing delay while returning from Nepalgunj on Saturday evening. The police had also arrested him for alleged misconduct inside an aircraft. 
The series of statements issued from Minister Bhattarai, ruling party’s sister wings and Co- Chairperson Dahal claims that recent activities related to the dissent voices against of the government and leaders of the government head NCP would put the federal republican system under threat. 
However, other critics including the right activists claim that the government and its head NCP has been intending to curb the civic liberties by curtailing democratic values and norms going against of the constitutional provisions.
Likewise, the recent statement of the House of Representatives Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara has also dragged into controversies for attempting to render the parliamentary committees under the government’s control.
As Speaker Mahara issued a directive to the parliamentary committees not to engage in any activities that obstruct the functioning of the government, the critics have said that the government attempted even to curtail the parliamentary values and norms. 
According to Speaker Mahara the role of the parliamentary committees was just to oversee or observe the activities of the government but not suggest or issue directives to the government.  
I had already proposed to Prime Minister Oli to talk directly to the parliamentary committee chiefs as he has been complaining to me that the parliamentary committees had put the government in difficulties, Mahara disclosed. 
The statement is taken as a clear instance that the government intends to impose ban even to the parliamentary committees from making comment or issuing directives against of the government.