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Hindu Women Celebrate Haritalika Teej With Much More Fanfare
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 02 2019


Kathmandu, Nepal, September 2, 2019: Haritalika Teej is celebrated today by the Hindu Women and girls around the world including in Nepal. 

Hundreds of thousand devotees have thronged in different Shiva Temples including in Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu to offer Pooja to the Lord Shiva.
Hartalika Teej day falls on the third day of the fortnight of Bhadra month.  

As per popular belief, Hartalika Teej is celebrated to commemorate the day when Lord Shiva accepted the love of Goddess Parvati. Women used to wear green and red clothes and bangles to impress the Lord Shiva.  

It is believed that the phrase Hartalika comes from ‘Harat’ and ‘Aalika’ which implies “kidnapping of a woman friend”. In line with a legend related to this Teej pageant, Goddess Parvati’s pal as soon as took her to a thick forest in order that her father couldn’t marry her to Lord Vishnu towards her want.

To commemorate the legend, married women keep past through the day for the wellbeing and longevity of their husband while unmarried women and girls keep fast to get a partner of their choice. 

Hartalika Teej fast is tough as even drinking of water is not allowed throughout the day. They are allowed to consume food the next day after performing all puja rituals. 

According to Hindu Pundit Bhup Narayen Pokhrel, Haritalika Teej of this year has become special in this reason that Ganesh Chaturthi and Sripanchami also falls on the same day on Tuesday.