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Human Trafficking Racket In The Form Of Bride
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 03 2019


Kathmandu, Nepal, September 3, 2019: Transnational human trafficking rackets found to have involved in trafficking of Nepalese girls and women to China as brides. With the arrest of the 10 people including 4 Chinese nationals, trafficking racket ring involved in trafficking of Nepalese girls and women to China as brides has come into surface.    

Anti human-trafficking bureau of Nepal Police busted a bride trafficking ring on Monday from Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), the only international airport of the country, for allegedly operating a bride trafficking ring under the guise of cross-country marriage.

Though the motive behind trafficking of Nepalese girls and women to China as brides is yet to be ascertained, it is suspected that the so-called marriage would have made as part of bride-buying practice, which is prevailing in some parts of northern neighbor China. 

As the prevailing bride-buying practice in China allows the groom to resell his bride as of the personal commodity like property, there is a high possibility of selling of Nepalese woman and girls for unethical commercial purpose. 

Among the arrested 10 persons, two Chinese nationals Quan and Qin had made a fake document to have married to two girls. The preliminary investigation has also revealed that Chinese men had paid up to one million rupees to the Nepalese agent for a ‘bride’. 

The arrested 10 persons in suspicion of transnational trafficking racket have been identified as Zhen Xianjdong, Zhang Donghui, Quan Zhan Peng and Qin Liyang of Hubei Province, China, while Nepalese nationals have been identified as Rina Tamang, Parbati Gurung, Amrita Gurung, Usha Ghimire, Roj Tamang and Bharat Tamang. 

Among the arrested, Parbati Gurung found to have actively involved as the agent of the Chinese national as she had rented a house in Tokha of Kathmandu on the name of giving training to the Nepalese woman and girls to practice to be a perfect brides of Chinese men.