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Internal Waggling Of The Ruling NCP Likely To Linger For A Long Period

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  Kathmandu, NNepal      September 09 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal, September 9, 2020: The months long wrangling of the ruling head Nepal Communist Party, which was supposed to have settled after leaders had tentatively agreed for power sharing to manage differences, seems to be complicated further, thanks to the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for showing unwillingness to implement the so-called power sharing deal by reshuffling his cabinet.

The secretariat meeting of the party held on September 3 had decided to nominate vice-chairman Bamdev Gautam as a National Assembly (NA) member with the understanding to reshuffle the cabinet as per the recommendation made by the General Secretary Bishnu Poudel led taskforce.

However, Prime Minister Oli, who is also a chair of the party, has neither recommended Gautam’s name to the president to appoint him as NA member nor showing willingness to reshuffle the cabinet. Constitution of Nepal has made the mandatory provision that the government has to recommend one’s name to the president for the appointment as NA member under the same quota.

However, two cabinet meetings held after the secretariat meeting made no agenda to recommend Gautam as the NA member. Insiders to the Prime Minister Oli have a claim that Oli is not willing to include Gautam in his cabinet even though the party’s another chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Gautam himself have been exerting pressure for the same.

As Gautam’s recommendation as NA member will bring him closer to becoming a minister and he would exert pressure for the appointment of Deputy Prime Minister with Finance Minister Portfolio, Oli would not recommend him at anytime soon, claims a leader close to Oli. It is said that Oli is not in a mood to include Oli in the cabinet even if he was recommended for the National Assembly member.

Secretariat meeting had recommended Gautam to appoint him as NA member though Prime Minister Oli was lobbying hard to pick Yubaraj Khatiwada in the post to continue him as the finance minister. Though Gautam had backed Oli to gain majority strength in the secretariat at the time when his prime ministerial post had become shaky after dissident leaders- Madhav Kumar Nepal,

Jhala Nath Khanal and others including Dahal had exerted pressure to resign, now Oli has a reading that inclusion of Gautam in cabinet could invite more trouble to manage equations in the cabinet. If Oli were to give Gautam the Deputy Prime Minister with Home Ministry portfolio, he would have to take Ram Bahadur Thapa out. Gautam is willing to be Finance Minister with the portfolio of Deputy Prime Minister though Prime Minister Oli is willing to appoint his close aide Bishnu Poudel in the post.

Narayenkaji Shrestha is also willing to be included in the cabinet with the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Incumbent Deputy Prime Minister and minister for Defense would not be continued with the portfolio if Gautama and Shrestha were included in the cabinet the portfolio of Deputy Prime Ministers.

As the party’s Standing Committee meeting has been scheduled for coming Friday, Oli would have chalking out a strategy to avert the agenda of his resignation from the meeting. Oli would be ready to reshuffle the cabinet only if the scheduled standing committee meeting and to be held central committee meeting allows him to run the government without any hassle for remaining two and half year.