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Journalist Ashok Silwal's book launched in Sri Lanka
  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 05 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal, November 6, 2019 : Journalist Ashok Silwal's new book 'Sri Lanka Smritee', which translates into Sri Lanka Memoirs, have been launched amid a gala event in Colombo recently.
Speaker of Sri Lankan Parliament Karu Jayasurya, Sri Lanka Press Association President Muditha Kariyakarawana and Indian Federation of Working Journalist President B V Mallikarjunaiah jointly launched the book. Silwal was invited as a special guest to participate in 64th annviersary of Sri Lanka Press Association.
"The book is a collection of my experience of my weeklong visit to the island nation. It also includes information related to visit preparation and people that I met in Sri Lanka as well as the island nation's culture and lifestyle, among others," Silwal said.
"This book does not aim to introduce Sri Lanka. It presents Sri Lanka that I experienced. There were hilly settlements like Nepal and Buddhist followers. Like Nepal, the country has just ended political transition. There were tea gardens, beautiful lakes and abundant greenery," writer and Langtang Goodwill Ambassador Silwal said, adding that he was hopeful that the book will help enhance friendly ties between the two countries.
Commenting on the book, Foriegn Secretary of Indian Federation of Working Journalist Gitika Talukdar said: "This book is a story of an explorer form the land of Mt. Everest to the land of ocean, and landlocked country to the sealocked country."
Silwal, who also carried with him the invitation of Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign from Nepal Tourism Board, said tourism can further strengthen relation between Buddha's country and Buddhist followers' country.