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Maha Nawami observed today
  Kathmandu, Nepal      October 06 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal, September 7, 2019: Hindus all over the world including in Nepal observe the ‘Maha Nawami’ the ninth day of the ten-day-long Bada Dashain festival, on Monday by worshiping Goddess Durga Bhawani.
During the festival, devotee worship of Goddess Durga Bhawani and the ‘jamara,’ the holey roots grown of barley and maize, and offer to the goddesses Durga Bhawani at various shrines.  
Likewise, Panchabali of male goats, male buffalo, male Sheep, ducks and roosters are also sacrificed at various temples dedicated to the goddesses Durga Bhawani. 
The special worship of the goddess with offering animal and bird sacrifices used to be performed as per the scripture mentioned in the Markandeya Purana  that the Goddess Chamunda had slain the demon Raktabij on the day of Maha Nawami.
Likewise, those devotees, who do not have the tradition of offering animal or bird sacrifices, offer the sacrifice of fruits and vegetables to the goddess Durga Bhawani. During the Maha Nawami, Hindus also used to recite The Durga Saptasati and Devi Stotra scriptures as well.