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Nepal Police arrest Hasta Gautam on charges of trafficking Nepali people
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 09 2023

Kathmandu, Nepal, September 9, 2023: Nepal Police have arrested Hasta Gautam, 52, on charges of trafficking Nepali people to various foreign countries including the USA.

Gautam, who is originally from Rukum district and currently residing in Texas, USA, is found to have collected over Rs 20 million from his clients under the guise of sending them to various countries for foreign employment.

Police have a saying that Gautam is the mastermind behind the trafficking operation and has thus far trafficked approximately 200 Nepali individuals to the USA. 

Earlier, Police had rescued some individuals trafficked by Gautam and his agents, the Human Trafficking Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police said.

It is said that Gautam had been employing agents in various countries including Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Colombia, and Latin America for this purpose.