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Nepali Congress Challenges The Government To Pass The Proposed Media Law
  Kathmandu, Nepal      May 12 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal, May 12, 2019: Nepali Congress has challenged the government to pass the proposed bizarre media bill from the parliament. 

Organizing a press meet on Sunday, Nepali Congress President Deuba challenged the government to pass the proposed media bill. 
The Nepali Congress will not allow passing the media bill, he said. Nepali Congress President Deuba has made such a challenge even though the incumbent government has a conformable majority in the parliament to pass the bill.
The media law is a kind of ‘coup attempt’ against press freedom,’ Deuba said adding that the new bill registered by the government is against the norms of the constitution. 
The Nepali Congress will defy any short of interference in the press freedom, he said even accusing the government of being autocrat. 
The attempt of overshadowing the role and position of the press council is an attempt to be autocrat, Deuba said.