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NHRC Urges Government At Again To Increase PCR Tests
  Kathmandu, Nepal      July 07 2020

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Kathmandu, Nepal, July 7, 2020: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), the only constitutional right body responsible to watch human right situation in the country, has yet again urged the government to increase the number of PCR tests to identify more vulnerable areas and people, particularly in the dense areas, to prevent and control the spreading of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Concerning over the increasing number of coronavirus cases in different parts of the country including in Kathmandu valley, the NHRC has made such an urged the government to increase the PCR tests in the dense city and other vulnerable areas.
The government has not intensified the PCR tests despite the facts that the virus outbreak is spread in densely populated cities such as in Kathmandu valley, states the press release issued by the NHRC. 

Responding to the widespread concerns over the short of PCR tests of the spreading coronavirus, the NHRC had also made similar appeal to the government to increase the PCR test for effectively tracking the virus spread on March 24. 

Likewise, the NHRC has also cautioned the government referring to its understanding that the virus would have spread in the community level. Similarly, the NHRC has also expressed concern over the condition of human rights during the COVID-19 crisis across the country.