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Oli Attempts Most To Remain In Power

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      March 30 2021


Kathmandu, Nepal, march 30, 2021: Considering to the possible withdrawal of support from the CPN-Maoist Center, the KP Sharma Oli led faction of the ruling CPN-UML has intensified efforts  to continue in power through the majority votes in the parliament. 

Though there will be one month period to prove majority in the parliament, prime Minister Oli has attempted to prove his majority in the parliament before the Maoist Center withdraw support to the government. 

Though the Maoist Center has been reiterating to withdraw support to the incumbent government, it has failed to take the decision considering to the situations that Oli would remain in power in the capacity of the largest party even if he failed to prove majority strength in the parliament. 

Though the incumbent government fall into minority once the Maoist Center withdraw support to the government, Prime Minister Oli has repeatedly been challenging it to withdraw support.  

Prime Minister Oli also seems optimistic that the incumbent government would continue on the capacity of the largest party in the parliament even if the Maoist center decided to withdraw support.

Despite the facts, he wants to prove his majority strength in the parliament by taking into confidence the Janata Samajbadi Party-Nepal (JSPN), a leader close to the government said preferring anonymity.   

The leaders close to Oli have repeatedly been approaching the leaders of the JSPN, even expressing commitment to fulfill their demands including the release of its jailed lawmaker-Resham Chaudhary. 

It is said that the Mahanta Thakur and Rajendra Mahato led faction of the JSPN would participate in the government even splitting the party. The Baburam Bhattrai and Upendra yadav led faction of the JSPN has already discarded the possibilities to participate in the Oli led government.     

The recent meeting between Mahesh Basnet, a close confident of Oli, and Chaudhary at Dillibazar prison is taken as a plan to participate the JSPN in the government.  It is said that the government has already offered the Thakur and Mahato led faction of the JSPN with eight ministerial portfolios. 

As the dissident Nepal-led faction has not made plan to split the party immediately, Oli wants to run the incumbent government in the support of the JSPN. 

Likewise, the Oli-led faction has also planning to split in the Nepal led dissident faction. The decision not to ask for the clarification to the party’s senior leader Jhala Nath Khanal and to take the disciplinary action only to the party’s senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal and Bhim Rawal is taken a polity to bring split in the dissident faction. 

Reliable source close to the party has a claim that Khanal has already been proposed as a candidate for the next president if he agrees to remain neutral as of Bam Dev Gautam. Likewise, the Oli-led faction has been planning to rope in other dissident leaders so as to paralyze the Nepal-led dissident faction.