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PM Oli’s Statement Against India Sparked Widespread Controversies
  Kathmandu, Nepal      June 30 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal, June 30, 2020: Recent statement of the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli regarding the alleged plots hatched against him to topple from the post has created a big jolt in domestic politics to diplomatic level triggering a fear that the country would face another fiasco of government change. 

Though Prime Minister Oli, who is also a co-chairperson of the ruling head Nepal Communist Party (NCP), had pointed out the finger to the India for the alleged plots hatched to topple him from the post, the dissident leaders of the NCP have taken the issue seriously. 

It is said that the dissident leaders are planning to set an agenda to discuss over the issue in the ongoing Standing Committee (SC) meeting. The nationalist card would not work at this time to keep intact Oli in both the coveted posts of Prime Minister and party chair; a dissident leader said preferring anonymity. 

Though allegation of Indian interference in Nepal’s domestic politics, particularly in the leftist politics, has been a common refrain, the dissident leaders of the ruling head NCP have taken the statement of Oli as great satire against them and diplomatic debacle. 

The statement of Primer Oli has come at the time when not only the power struggle against of the one-upmanship of Oli was intensified within the party but the government has been criticized from across the political spectrum and by the public for its failures on multiple fronts, particularly the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The dissident leaders of the party have not only criticized but also the Foreign policy experts and political observers have termed the recent statements of Prime Minister Oli as breach of diplomatic decorum. 

They have a claim that Oli’s allegation would seriously impair Nepal’s relations with the southern neighbor India. Though Nepal and India have a border disputes it should not be reflected in every front by overstepping diplomatic norms, the foreign policy experts and political observers, said.