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Police Arrest so-called astrologist Chhetri for spreading rumor of another deadly earthquake in Nepal
  Kathmandu, Nepal      June 04 2019


Kathmandu, Nepal, June 4, 2019: The so-called astrologist, Arjun Chhetri, who had been claiming for another dreadful earthquake in Nepal, has been arrested on Tuesday.  

A special team of Nepal Police mobilized from the Metropolitan Police Range, Gaushala arrested Chhetri on the charge of spreading a rumor of earthquake through various social media.  

Following the arrest, Nepal Police has taken him into custody for further investigation. It is said that he would be presented before the court likely on Wednesday.  

Chhetri had been giving interviews in different social media including Youtube claiming that another deadly earthquake would occur in the country by the mid-June.

As most of the people in Nepal have still been rendering under the fear of devastating Gorkha earthquake that had claimed about 10000 lives, such a rumor of another earthquake would be sufficient to terrorize the people.