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President Asks Parties to Stake Claim for New PM by May 13
  Kathmandu, Nepal      May 11 2021

Kathmandu, Nepal, May 10, 2021:As Prime Minister K Sharma Oli failed to secure the vote of confidence from the parliament, President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has initiated process to form a majority government as per Article 76 (2) of the constitution of Nepal. 

Issuing a notice on Monday evening, President Bhandari invited the political party leaders, who can garner majority votes in parliament with support of two or more parties represent in the parliament, to stake claim for the post of new prime minister by 9:00 pm on May 13. 

As per the notice issued on the basis of the constitutional provision, any candidate requires to submit signatures of majority lawmakers belonging to two or more political parties representing in the parliament to the Office of President within the stipulated time frame to claim the post of Prime Minister. 

President Bhandari invited the parties just hours after Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli failed to secure vote of confidence motion in parliament. As Prime Minister Oli wanted to prove vote of confidence from the parliament, President Bhandari had called the special session of the parliament for Monday PM as per the Article 100 (1) of the Constitution of Nepal.  

Political parties require at least 136 votes in parliament to form a majority government. There are currently 271 members in the House of Representatives (HoR).