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Prospects of Coalition Govt. Hinder Due to Maoist Center and JSPN

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      April 06 2021


Kathmandu, Nepal, April 6, 2021: The prospect of forming a coalition government between the Nepali Congress (NC), CPN (Maoist Center) and the Janata Samajbadi Party Nepal (JSPN) has taken no momentum thanks to the dual character and indecision of the JSPN and the Maoist Center respectively.

Responding to the widespread call to form a coalition government to streamline the fragile political situation of the country developed with the deviation and division in the ruling communist party, the NC had decided to take the lead of to be formed a new coalition government by unseating Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. But no progresses are made yet except discussions. 

As the Maoist Center has been dillydallying to withdraw support to the CPN UML Chair KP Sharma Oli-led incumbent government and a faction of the JSPN led by Mahanta Thakur has been negotiating to join in the government, no meaningful dialogue is made yet to form a coalition government under our leadership, a NC leader said. 

Prime Minister Oli has been trying hard to woo the JSPN, particularly the Thakur led faction, believing that his government would not loss majority strength in the parliament even if the Maoist Center withdraws support to the government. It is claimed that16 lawmakers including Rajendra Mahato, have been backing Thakur to negotiate to join in the incumbent government. 

As the dissident faction of the UML led by Madhav Kumar Nepal faction has not dared to split the party but decided to continue the struggle against Oli by remaining in the same party, support of the Thakr led faction would be sufficient to prove his majority strength in the parliament. 

The NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba had reached on the conclusion to lead to be formed coalition government by unseating Oli after senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel exerted pressure to take decision against of the incumbent government.  Deuba had been facing allegation of showing reluctances to unseat Oli. 

Following the decision, Poudel had also approached Thakur urging him to support the coalition government led by the NC. But, no decision was made as Thakur led faction of the JSPN has also been holding discussions to join in the incumbent government, a NC leader said preferring anonymity. 

According to him Thakur has not made any commitment to form a new coalition government under Deuba’s leadership though he has forwarded some conditions including early withdrawn of Maoist Center’s support to the government. 

Reliable source close to the government claims that Prime Minister Oli has been trying hard to woo the Thakur led JSPN even offering him as the next Prime Minister and deputy Prime Minister to Rajendra Mahato if they lend their support to the government now.  

Both Thakur and Mahato have been regularly holding talks with Prime Minister Oli over the issue of supporting to the incumbent government at the same time when they have been holding discussions even with the NC, a leader of the JSPN said.

Following the formation of a five-member task force between the government and the JSPN last month, several rounds of discussions were held in regard to support to the Oli led government. It is said that Prime Minister Oli has made commitment even to release JSPN’s jailed lawmaker Resham Chaudhary, who has been serving his jail term on the charge of killing eight policemen and a toddler during Tikapur carnage. 

While holding discussions with the Thakur led faction of the JSPN, another faction of the party led by Upendra Yadav and Baburam Bhattarai, have been standing against of the idea to support Oli to continue in the power. Yadav and Bhattarai want an alternative government probably led by NC. It is likely that the JSPN would face vertical split once a faction takes a decision to join in the government. 

As the Maoist Centre and the JSSPN have not come openly and clearly to lend their support to the NC led coalition government, possibilities do not seem to unseat Oli soon by registering a no-confidence motion against him in the parliament.