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SC Urges All to Respect Judicial Sanctity amid Widespread Criticism
  Kathmandu, Nepal      July 28 2020

 SC Urges All to Respect Judicial Sanctity amid Widespread Criticism 

Kathmandu, Nepal, July 28, 2020:  Though dragging into controversies even to the judiciary has become a common phenomenon in the country, the recent one controversies over the verdict made by Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana and Justice Tej Bahadur KC to cut short the punishment for Ranjan Koirala, a former Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Armed Police Force (APF), who was serving a life term on the charge of murdering his wife, Gita Dhakal, has raised a serious question marks over the Supreme Court (SC), the apex court of the country.

Responding to the widespread outcry and criticism over the issue of verdict related to the former APF’s DIG Koirala, the SC has on Monday called upon all to respect the judicial sanctity while making any comments, analysis or expressing dissatisfaction in relation to any judicial activity. 

Attention has been drawn on the attack on sanctity of the judiciary while making comments and analysis and expressing dissatisfaction in relation to its verdict in relation to a case involving former APF’s DIG Koirala, states the press release issued by the SC in the sign of its spokesperson, Bhadrakali Pokhrel. 

‘Any disputes registered in the SC are being carried out on the basis of the constitution, laws of the land and the accepted principle of justice,’ states the release further adding that any distressed party may seek the remedy as per the set process and norms. 

The SC is committed to the principles of independent, fair and competent judiciary and restoring the rule of law and to promote the public confidence in the judiciary, the press release has added further. Likewise, the SC has also called upon all concerned not to make any comment on any sub-judicial matter with an intention to improperly interfere in the judicial tasks. 

The SC has already on Sunday decided to review the verdict responding to the review petition filed by the government. 
Hareram Dhakal, father of Gita Dhakal, the first informer of the case, had filed the petition at the SC rightly after Koirala was released on July 23 on the basis of the verdict issued by the division bench of Rana and KC. Koirala had been serving a life term for murdering his wife Gita in February 2012. 

Likewise, the SC has also excluded seven justices including Chief Justice Rana from the list of justices who will hear the review petition filed by the government against SC’s decision to release murder-convict former APF’s DIG Koirala. 

The justices excluded from the list include as Chief Justice Rana, SC justices Tej Bahadur KC, Purusottam Bhandari, Dr Ananda Mohan Bhattarai, Sapana Pradhan Malla, Sushmalata Mathema and Dr Manoj Sharma. However, the SC has not made any decision that who will hear the review petition.