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The daughter of Mayor Hamal goes missing in Goa of India
  Kathmandu      March 27 2024

Kathmandu, Nepal, March 27, 2024: The daughter of Gopal Hamal, mayor of the Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city has gone missing in Goa of India from Monday. The 36 years old Aarti, who was a follower of Osho meditation, had been staying in Goa for the past few months.

It is stated that she was last seen on Monday night around 9.30pm in the vicinity of Ashvem Bridge in Goa.

Mayor Hamal has stated in his twitter account as ‘my elder daughter, Aarti, is an Osho mediator who has been living in Goa for a few months. However, I have received a message from her friend stating that she has lost contact with Aarti Zorba Vibes Ashwem Breeze since yesterday. I humbly request that those who live in Goa assist in the search for my daughter, Aarti,’