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Japan Foundation Traveling Exhibition “NINGY?: Art and Beauty of Japanese Dolls”

December 05 2023
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Aiming at introducing and promoting Japanese culture to the people of Nepal, the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation are going to hold an exhibition "NINGY?: Art and Beauty of Japanese Dolls" in Kathmandu from December 6 to 21.

Financial Literacy: First Step to Better Lives in Rural Nepal

November 01 2023
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In the US, there is periodic concern that young people lack financial literacy—how loans and interest work, basic investment knowledge, the role of savings, cost-benefit analysis, etc. Some schools have instituted financial literacy

Off-white Paper in Nepal

April 03 2023
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Do you know it is believed that the first paper was traced back to ancient China? All the writing was done on materials such as bamboo, silk and animal skins. After the inventions of paper its revolution were on its different types such as