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Off-white Paper in Nepal
  Kathmandu, Nepal      April 03 2023

Off-white Paper in Nepal

Do you know it is believed that the first paper was traced back to ancient China?

All the writing was done on materials such as bamboo, silk and animal skins. After the inventions of paper its revolution were on its different types such as carbonless paper, weightless paper, off-white paper and many others.

Before going further into other types let’s talk about one of the superb and pleasant paper for reading which is not other than off-white paper. Off-white paper is not a quite formal white paper because it can be more accessible and easier to read than other white papers. It is also known as cream-colored paper. As, you know we can easily reduce brightness in our mobile phones, laptops, computers but is it possible in books, copies and dairies? Yes, it is only possible if you change your paper with off-white paper. It’s time to change the way of using traditional paper with off-white paper while printing books, copies & diaries. Ultimately, it’s important to find a reading environment that is comfortable and minimizes eye strain.

 Foremost, let’s have a look at some of the offer that off-white paper serves over traditional bright white paper. 

·     The warmer tone of off-white paper can be easier on the eyes than bright white paper, especially when reading for extended periods of time. Off-white paper with a light-yellow tint can further reduce eye strain and improve reading speed. 

·        The softer, warmer tone of off-white paper can make text easier to read, as it reduces the harsh contrast between black text and a bright white background. 

·        It is generally used in different text books, fiction and non-fiction books, envelopes, letter heads, college journals, magazines, files, dairies and note books too. 

·        Off-white paper can be made from recycled materials, reducing the need of new resources and minimizing waste. Using recycled paper can also help to reduce the carbon footprint associated with paper production. 

·        Bright white paper can produce a glare that can be distracting or uncomfortable for some people. Off-white paper can reduce this glare, making it easier to read or work with. 



Some technical specifications and availability of its sizes are listed below. 


Available Sizes & GSM:


          20X30, 70gsm, 510X760(mm), 70gsm, 51X71

23X36, 70gsm, 585X910(mm), 70gsm, 58.5 X 91

 24X36, 70gsm, 610X910(mm), 70gsm, 61 X 91


 20X30, 80gsm, 200X300 (mm)

 24X36, 80gsm, 609.6X914.4(mm)


 24X36, 70gsm, 609.6X914.4(mm)


 24X36, 70gsm, 609.6X914.4(mm)

 Test Reports of Off-white papers

 a)Name of product: Off-white paper 70 gsm

·        Size: 20X30, 23X36, 24X36

·        GSM (basic weight): 70.9

·        Moisture percentage: 5.4

·        Brightness % ISO: 88

·        ISO color:  L* - 96.9, a* - 0.0, b* - 3.1

·        Opacity % 87.7

·        Smoothness (Bekk),Sec: Top- 48, Bottom- 50

·        Caliper, Micron: 95

·        Tensile strength, newton MD – 51, CD – 31

·        Breaking length, M: MD – 4896, CD – 3017


b) Name of product: Off-white paper 80 gsm

·        Size: 20X30, 24X36

·        GSM (basic weight): 80.3

·        Moisture percentage: 5.2

·        Brightness % ISO: 88.6

·        ISO color:  L* - 96.8, a* - 0.2, b* - 2.0

·        Opacity %: 90.4

·        Smoothness (Bekk), Sec: Top- 48, Bottom- 51

·        Caliper, Micron: 107

·        Tensile strength, newton MD – 54, CD – 30

·        Breaking length, M: MD – 4557, CD – 2565

c)Name of product: Off-white paper 100 gsm

·        Size: 24X36

·        GSM (basic weight): 100.1

·        Moisture percentage: 5.1

·        Brightness % ISO: 88.6

·        ISO color:  L* - 96.6, a* - 0.3, b* - 1.1

·        Opacity %: 92.9

·        Smoothness (Bekk), Sec: Top- 61, Bottom- 60

·        Caliper, Micron: 128

·        Tensile strength, newton MD – 78, CD – 36

·        Breaking length, M: MD – 5320, CD – 2448


d)Name of product: Off-white paper 120 gsm

·        Size: 24X36

·        GSM (basic weight): 119

·        Moisture percentage: 5.3

·        Brightness % ISO: 88.5

·        ISO color:  L* - 96.4, a* - 0.5, b* - 0.4

·        Opacity %: 94.6

·        Smoothness (Bekk), Sec: Top- 48, Bottom- 40

·        Caliper, Micron: 151

·        Tensile strength, newton MD – 103, CD – 46

·        Breaking length, M: MD – 5879, CD – 2625


Where to find Off-white papers?

Looking at the problems faced by our customer NMTS have now officially launched off-white paper.New Muktinath Traders and Suppliers(NMTS) located at Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal is leading supplier of paper, chemical and offset press materials for more than 1.5 decades. It is a nationwide dealer in the paper and printing materials in the city of Kathmandu and also have the supply chain all over the country. Since, the world is changing rapidly in virtual world we have expand our business accordingly. We have formed our new child company Kinniho as an online portal where you can cart the paper products as per your requirement. KINNI HO is an online platform where you can find off-white paper according to your need and budget. We ensure you that we are best at what we provide to our customer.

Contact us on:

·        New Muktinath Traders and Suppliers: +977 01 4770203, +9779851023378 ,



·        Kinniho : 01-5902132 ,

·        NewsmanduPvt Ltd : +977014770967,



What is the price of off-white paper?

Buy off-white paper- 70gsm, 80gsm, 100gsm and 120gsm online at best price -Kinniho.

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