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NASA sends squid from Hawaii into space for research

June 22 2021
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HONOLULU, JUNE 22 Dozens of baby squid from Hawaii are in space for study. The baby Hawaiian bobtail squid were raised at the University of Hawaii's Kewalo Marine Laboratory and were blasted into space earlier this month on a SpaceX resu

China launches first three-man crew to new space station

June 17 2021
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JIUQUAN, June 17: China launched the first three crew members on a mission to its new space station Thursday in its first crewed mission in five years.

Tech giants and tax havens targeted by historic G7 deal

June 06 2021
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UNITED KINGDOM, June 6: The United States, Britain and other large, rich nations reached a landmark deal on Saturday to squeeze more money out of multinational companies such as Amazon and Google and reduce their incentive to shift profits to lo

Nigeria says it suspends Twitter days after president’s post removed

June 05 2021
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NIGERIA, June 5: Nigeria said on Friday it had indefinitely suspended Twitter’s activities, two days after the social media giant removed a post from President Muhammadu Buhari that threatened to punish regional secessionists.

Japanese Technical Cooperation Programs: Training Nepali Government Specialists for the Future of Nepal

May 19 2021
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Kathmandu: The Embassy of Japan in Nepal issued a Note Verbale to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal to extend the Technical Cooperation Programs for FY 2021 which the Government of Japan supports and applies.

18-tonne Chinese rocket segment disintegrates over Indian Ocean: Space agency

May 09 2021
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BEIJING: A large segment of a Chinese rocket re-entered the Earth's atmosphere and disintegrated over the Indian Ocean on Sunday, the Chinese space agency said, following fevered speculation over where the 18-tonne object would come down.

Astronaut Michael Collins, Apollo 11 pilot, dead of cancer

April 29 2021
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Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, who orbited the moon alone while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their historic first steps on the lunar surface, died Wednesday. He was 90.

Facebook switches news back on in Australia, signs content deals

February 26 2021
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SYDNEY, Feb 26: Facebook Inc ended a one-week blackout of Australian news on its popular social media site on Friday and announced preliminary commercial agreements with three small local publishers.

India plans new social media controls after Twitter face-off

February 25 2021
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NEW DELHI, FEBRUARY 25 Chafing from a dispute with Twitter, India plans to oblige social media companies to erase contentious content fast and assist investigations, according to a draft regulation.

Facebook 'unfriends' Australia: news pages go dark in test for global publishing

February 18 2021
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SYDNEY, Feb 18: Australians woke to empty Facebook news feeds on Thursday, after the social media giant blocked all media content in a surprise escalation of a dispute with the government, which could be a test for the future of online publishin

United Arab Emirates publishes first photo from Mars probe

February 14 2021
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DUBAI – The United Arab Emirates on Sunday published the first image for its Mars probe now circling the red planet.

Twitter CEO says banning Trump was right decision but sets dangerous precedent

January 14 2021
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Twitter Inc Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said on Wednesday that banning President Donald Trump from its social media platform after last week’s violence at the US Capitol was the “right decision,” but said it sets a dangerous precedent.

TikTok CEO Mayer quits after three months, just as firm challenges U.S. ban

August 27 2020
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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 27: TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer has left the Chinese-owned video app firm just three months since joining, and only days since the company sued the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump over an executive order effectively b

Apple reaches $2 trillion market value as tech fortunes soar

August 20 2020
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BERKELEY: Apple has become the first US company to boast a market value of $2 trillion as technology continues to reshape a world where smartphones are like appendages and digital services are like instruments orchestrating people’s lives.

Facebook bashes Apple for refusing to waive commission fees, seizing on backlash

August 15 2020
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Facebook Inc (FB.O) said on Friday that Apple Inc (AAPL.O) had declined its request to waive a 30% commission fee the iPhone maker charges apps listed on iOS devices, taking a shot at its fellow Big Tech peer as developers challenge the policy.