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International conference on lightning strike is being held in Nepal from today
  Kathmandu      October 04 2023

Kathmandu, Nepal, October 04, 2023:  A three-day international conference on lightning strike and its prevention is starting today in Nepal. 

The international conference that is being held in Lalitpur will discuss the situation of lightning in the world, the efforts made to prevent it and the issues to be addressed by the policy makers.

It is said that experts related to lightning strike from various countries including Nepal, India, America, Brazil, France, Sweden, Israel, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan will participate in the conference. 

According to Nepal's lightning strike expert Prof. Dr. Sriram Sharma, 44 experts are scheduled to present their research papers in this conference.

Nepal is also a country with high risk of lightning. It is said that on an average in Nepal, nearly 100 people die from lightning and more than 300 are injured every year.