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Virus lockdown for world’s smallest and rarest wild pigs

August 06 2020
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NEW DELHI: Pygmy hogs — the world’s smallest and rarest wild pig — are under a virus lockdown. Not because of the coronavirus, but because of the first outbreak of African swine fever in India. There is neither a vaccine nor cure for the highly

5 things to know as Hiroshima marks 75th A-bomb anniversary

August 06 2020
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HIROSHIMA, JAPAN: The city of Hiroshima in western Japan marks the 75th anniversary of the world’s first nuclear attack on Thursday. Three days after its Aug 6, 1945, bombing of Hiroshima, the United States dropped a second atomic bomb on Nagas

US civil rights pioneer, congressman John Lewis dies

July 18 2020
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WASHINGTON: John Lewis, a pioneer of the civil rights movement and long-time member of the U.S. House of Representatives, died on Friday.

Michelle Obama to host podcast on health, relationships

July 17 2020
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LOS ANGELES: Michelle Obama will let her own voice be heard on a new podcast. The former first lady will host “The Michelle Obama Podcast” on the streaming service, the Obama’s Higher Ground and Spotify announced Thursday. The podcast will exclu

Eiffel Tower reopens, ending 104-day coronavirus shutdown

June 25 2020
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Marking another milestone in France’s recovery from coronavirus lockdown, the Eiffel Tower reopened to visitors Thursday after its longest-ever closure in peace time: 104 days.

Lockdown boosts movement of birds in Nepal

June 20 2020
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KATHMANDU, June 20 (Xinhua) -- With the lockdown taking effect in Nepal, most Nepalis have been spending most of their time at their homes while birds are seen freely flying overhead suggesting the boost in their movement.

Books about racial discrimination become best-sellers as U.S. protests grow

June 07 2020
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LOS ANGELES, APRIL 01, 2020: From “White Fragility” to “The New Jim Crow,” literature about the history of racial discrimination in the United States is selling out as white Americans seek to educate themselves as nationwide protests grow over t

'Am I going to get shot?' kids ask, as brands try to explain racism and violence to children

June 06 2020
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NEW YORK, June 6: For 8 minutes and 46 seconds - the length of time it took George Floyd, an unarmed black man, to die at the hands of Minneapolis police - cable TV kids channel Nickelodeon’s screen went black on Tuesday to sounds of inhaling an

Deaths jump in Brazil’s indigenous tribes as virus spreads

June 05 2020
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BRASILIA/SAO PAULO: Coronavirus is spreading fast through Brazil‘s indigenous populations, with deaths caused by the disease increasing more than five-fold in the past month, according to data collected by a national association of first peoples

Journalists’ working conditions hit hard by coronavirus across the globe

April 30 2020
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BRUSSELS, April 30: The working conditions of news reporters around the globe have deteriorated during the coronavirus pandemic amid job losses and attacks on media freedom, according to a survey published Thursday by the International Federatio

It's a boy: British PM Johnson and fiancee 'thrilled' by birth of a son

April 29 2020
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LONDON, April 29: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fiancee, Carrie Symonds, gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday at a London hospital, slightly earlier than had been expected.

`Am I going now to my execution?’ One doctor’s very long day

April 16 2020
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PARMA: It was March 7, in the afternoon. Dr Giovanni Passeri had just returned home from Maggiore Hospital, where he is an internist, when he was urgently called back to work. His ward at the hospital was about to admit its first COVID-19 case.

Lockdowns mean millions of women can’t reach birth control

April 09 2020
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JOHANNESBURG: The callers were in tears. One by one, women in homes across rural Zimbabwe had a pleading question: When would family planning services return?

Italy, Spain ICU pressures decline, but emotional toll rises

April 08 2020
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ROME: Maddalena Ferrari lets herself cry when she takes off the surgical mask she wears even at home to protect her elderly parents from the coronavirus that surrounds her at work in one of Italy’s hardest-hit intensive care units.

Chilean telescopes that explore galaxies brought down to earth by coronavirus

April 03 2020
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SANTIAGO: Chilean telescopes that comb the skies seeking answers about some of the universe´s most fundamental questions have confirmed they, too, have fallen victim to the mass disruption brought about by the new coronavirus.