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Dr Hak Ja Han Moon’s autobiography unveiled in South Korea

  Kathmandu, Nepal      February 05 2020


SOUTH KOREA, Feb 5: An autobiography of Dr Hak Ja Han Moon was unveiled in South Korea on Tuesday.

Amid the presence of over 3,000 guests, the book was released at KINTEX. “I cannot introduce God in this one single book, but I am very happy and thankful. I hope that you can become the sharers of God," Dr Moon said during the function.

Yun Young Ho, chairman of the executive committee, presided over the event, and the first part of the event was held to commemorate the publication of the autobiography (dedication ceremony of Korea-U.S.-Japan, Offering the appreciation plague to the President of Kim Yung Sa Publication, Oh Se Gyu, Donation ceremony to libraries around Korea, Special Remark of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, offering of flowers).

The second part was to celebrate the inauguration of Mother Foundation (congratulatory remarks by Brigi Rafini, prime minister of Niger, donation ceremony to Heavenly Africa Project, a cutting ceremony of cakes, a proposal of toast, luncheon, and cultural performances.)

On the occasion, Dr Moon said “Instead of calling a special lecture, I would like to call it the introduction of God, the creator. Especially, how could I introduce God, the creator, in one book? God had to spend 6,000 years to look for his lost children, and he had to search and endure so that he could find his only begotten son and daughter who could understand him. And God had to wait and cry. Who could understand the heart of Heavenly Parent?”

However, from a human’s point of view, a woman can understand and express love and pain better, she said.

"But, instead of a man, a woman could understand better through the heart of love. Women can embrace and express better the heart of Heavenly Parent. Therefore, with the help of everyone around me, I was able to write this book, and express the heart of the Heavenly Parent, and introduce God to the world. I am very happy, and I am very grateful. Thank you very much. I want to ask every one of you to read, introduce, and share this with the rest of your neighbors so that you can share the love of God. I hope that you can become the sharers of God," she added.