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Hindus across the world celebrate Bada Dashain

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      October 26 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal, October 26, 2020: Hindus across the world including in Nepal celebrated the most important cultural and religious festival, Bijaya Dashami, the main day of 10 day long Dashain, by receiving tika, jamara and blessings from their elders amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on Monday.  

During the Bijaya Dashami Festival, there is the tradition of receiving tika- mixture of rice red vermillion powder and curd and jamara- shoots of barley, wheat, corn and rice as the auspicious thing bestowed by the goddesses Nawa Durga, Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati from the elders with blessing.

The people from Kirati community also celebrate Dashain by offering and receiving white-colored tika. Likewise, people from the Newar community also celebrate Dashain naming the day as Mohni Tika.

During Dashain, all the community used to worship Goddess Durga in commemoration of the victory of good over evil. Likewise, people celebrate the festival by eating delicious meals, wearing new cloths and rejoicing in the company of family and friends.

Though the auspicious hour for receiving tika was at 10:19 am, there is a tradition of receiving tika at anytime in the day. Likewise, there is also a tradition in some parts and cast to receive tika till the  Kojagrat Purnima, fifth day after the Dashain.