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Kushe Aunsi is being observed today
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 14 2023

Kathmandu, Nepal, September 14, 2023: Today, Kushe Aunsi festival or father’s day is being celebrated by performing rituals by honoring father. 

Kushe Aunsi festival, which falls on the day of Bhadra Krishna Aunsi every year, is celebrated by all the followers of Vedic Sanatan religion, whether they are fathers or not.

Those who don't have fathers go to various holy places and offer tarpan, pinda and perform shraad to their late father while those who have fathers used to offer favorite delicious like sweets and food showing respect and look at their father's face.

On the day of the Kushe Aunsi festival, there is also a tradition of bringing the holy grass kush into the house, which is used in the worship and ancestral work throughout the year. 

There is a religious belief that if the uprooted kush worshiped by a Brahmin were kept in the house, the family will be well-being and prosperous.