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"She never knew "

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 25 2020

 "She never knew "

She never knew the sky is pink !

She never knew that she can think !

She never knew she could have dreams !

She never knew she could fly with desires !

She never knew smile is not a guilt !

She never knew thinking herself is not sin !

She never knew she can say No for wrong ! 

She never knew no need to scare for nothing
One day she dared to desire and  dream !

One day she realized  existence of her life!

One day she determined to break the chain !

One day she decided step towards the light ! 
That day she was born once again !

That day she breathin pure air in her vein!
That day she moved like a lioness !

That day she decided to live by herself !

                                    Sarita Sharma Shailee