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King Mahendra Eradicated Discrimination Trends in Nepal

August 16 2017
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A Swiss geologist and scholar, Toni Hagen first came in 1950 as a member of the Swiss Mission for Development Aid. His first job was to conduct Nepal's first geological survey. About the reality of the Nepalese politics and the intention of King

Be a part in this national emergency

August 15 2017
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As of writing, the landslides and flooding triggered by heavy rain came from Friday night have killed at least 90 people in various parts of Nepal mainly in the Teria districts. While about 50 people have been missing and dozens other have injur

Preventive Defense as the Ultimate Game Changer

August 01 2017
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Former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Perry called preventive defense "our most important tool for protecting American interests from the special dangers that characterize the post-Cold War era"--keeping potential challenges to security "from

PM Deuba’s directives vs. bureaucratic apathy

July 27 2017
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Following the directives of the Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to fill up all potholes on valley roads and to repair damaged manhole coverings within the next 15 days, significant improvements have seen in the bureaucratic level but not in th

Poverty Impeding Global Sustainable Development

July 21 2017
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While nearly 1.1 billion people escaped extreme poverty between 1990 and 2013 because of strong economic growth that benefited the world’s poorest, “the number of people living in extreme poverty remains unacceptably high, with nearly 800 mi

King Gyanendra's Birth Day-2017 & Nepalese Nationality

July 03 2017
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On 23 Aasar 2074 (7th July 2017) we the Nepalese people have been going to celebrate the 71th auspicious birthday of King Gyanendra at Nirmal Niwas to extend the best wishes to the King Gyanendra

Russia-Ukraine-US Tensions will Quickly End if Each President Does this…

June 22 2017
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Russia, Ukraine and the United States are all suffering the effects of too high levels of collective stress. US President Donald Trump recently met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in hopes of reducing tensions between Russia and Ukrain

Nepal Ethnic and indigenous in peace building process

June 21 2017
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Nepal’s conflict and peacebuilding process positioned the historical marginalization of indigenous, ethnic minority and other identity groups at the centre of the political agenda and saw these communities mobilize in unprecedented ways. While

Corridor Between China, Nepal And India: Is It Realistic?

June 16 2017
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For a long time, Kathmandu has been advocating for a trilateral corridor between China, Nepal and India to enhance the volume of trade at the regional level. However, this idea gained currency only after Chinese President XI Jinping put forward

World Environment Day 2017: Connecting people to nature

June 04 2017
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“Connecting people to nature”, the theme for World Environment Day 2017, encourages us to explore relationships between humans and nature, and understand the invaluable support nature lends to human well-being and prosperity. Every year, Wo

Palace Massacre in 2001: the Very Painful Incident in Nepal

May 31 2017
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Since 1950, South Asia has been in so much turmoil that India undertook the policy of aggressive intervention against the surrounding countries Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. First of all, I want to judge the intention of India on Si

Nepal cannot Sustain Republican System

May 27 2017
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The Maoist, Congress, UML Party leaders say- 'the ongoing local election- 2074 BS, can stabilizes the secular and republican system as the achievement of the protest of 2062.63 B.S. which was forwarded from Indian Congress (I) and its RAW to te

Biodiversity and sustainable tourism in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

May 24 2017
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Biodiversity is the basis for many tourism activities in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH). Scenic landscapes, forests, lakes, mountains, and farmlands attract many tourists to the region. Iconic bird and animal species are also major attractions.

Powering India-Nepal Ties

May 23 2017
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At the recent Energy Secretary-level talks of the Joint Steering Committee (JSC) in Kathmandu (February 13-14, 2017), an important step in promoting electricity trade between India and Nepal took place when it was decided to endorse the detailed

Youths must take the helm for change

May 20 2017
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Our political system has not been in constancy for very long time. We have faced various political movements for democratic political systems since long. We, youths, became supporters to the entire regime in different times and periods.