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Atal ji realised that Nepal, India must progress together: Gyawali

August 19 2018
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Nepal sent its foreign minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali to pay homage to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee after his death on Friday. Gyawali, a senior leader of the ruling Nepal Communist Party and a close aide to Prime Minister KP Oli,

The struggles of Women Human Rights Defenders in Nepal

December 13 2017
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The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and the CIVICUS spoke with Ms. Rajkumari Upadhaya about her experiences as a Woman Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) in Nepal, changing societal attitudes towards women and hope for the future. The interview

Involvement in Media Sector: Challenges and opportunities: Sangita

November 15 2017
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It is very tough for women to prepare a schedule for double roles. Despite the fact that, I need to visit numerous locations in order to compile the information but it is really an interesting job. My households, office and lifestyles are going

Alia Bhatt on why she uses her gut feeling to choose films

November 24 2016
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Alia Bhatt’s two earlier releases in 2016 clicked at the box office and won her accolades for her performance. In her upcoming big-ticket film “Dear Zindagi”, she plays a young woman who forms a bond with her therapist, played by Bollywood

How Binod Chaudhary built Nepal’s first billion dollar business empire

August 24 2016
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Usually, third-generation entrepreneurs from established business families are born with the silver spoon, which makes their startup journey much more conflict-free than those bootstrapping their ideas to reality

NASA Data Used To Automatically Detect Potential Landslides In Nepal

July 08 2016
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As farmers in Nepal prepare for a fruitful monsoon season, NASA scientist Dalia Kirschbaum anticipates a different impact of the torrential rains-- the loosening of earth on steep slopes that lead to landslides.

The embargo is over but the effects are still being felt: Srijana Thapa

March 24 2016
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Srijana Thapa is South Asia Regional Director of World Neighbors, an international development group that has worked in Nepal for 43 years. She spoke with Review Nepal about the trade embargo and its effect on her group’s rebuilding and othe

Efforts to unite all Maoists underway: UCPN Maoist chairman Dahal

February 23 2016
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UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has shared that the efforts to unite all the parties following the ideology of Maoism (Maoist parties) was underway.

There is the potential for a significant humanitarian crisis

November 17 2015
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Winter is coming. Those without shelter, or living in temporary shelter, could really suffer if there is inadequate fuel for heating and cooking. There is the potential for a significant humanitarian crisis