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Nepali Congress stages protest rallies across the country
  Kathmandu, Nepal      February 04 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal: The Nepali Congress (NC), the main opposition party in the parliament, staged protest rallies across the country against the government on Monday. 
Alleging the government of acting against the interest of public and nation, the grand old democratic party of the country, organized the protest rallies in all 77 districts of the country.
The NC, which has also been obstructing the parliament against of the controversial National Medical Education Bill, has accused the government of indulging in the corruption, failing to control the rising rate of rape and crime, rising price and taxes unnecessarily and many others.
A Central Committee meeting of NC held on January 27 had decided to organize nationwide demonstrations against the government. Almost all the central leaders had reached at separate districts to address the rallies. 
According to the NC hundreds of thousand people took part in the rallies chanting slogans against of the government.